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Admire the most exquisite jewels in the world

Not just the happy girls are the prettiest girls, as Audrey Hepburn once said. The truth is that even those who are less gifted can look amazing if they use the power of make-up and dress up impeccably. Jewels are the perfect accessories, completing a look and emphasizing the natural beauty within ladies. Take a tour around the world to admire the most exquisite jewels in the world and you will be more than astonished by your discoveries. Travel with a gorgeous lady from London Escort Guide and have some fun together!

Expensive jewelry pieces

Although it is quite challenging to get to see the most expensive jewelry pieces in the world, it is not impossible. The L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace has won the World Record as the most valuable in the world, but its origins are more than interesting. The diamond piece of this necklace weights 637 carats and has the world’s largest impeccable diamond as the centre-piece. What is today known as The Incomparable diamond weights 407.48 carats and has a fascinating yellow colour.

If you and your companion from London Escort Guide will be lucky enough to see this piece, you must know that it was found over 30 years ago by a young girl in a mine. But more than four years were needed in order to craft the diamond into a necklace of $55 million with more than 90 diamonds with various cuts.

With the value of $46.2 million, The Graff Pink was purchased by the private collector Laurence Graff from the renowned American jeweler Harry Winston. The irresistible ring is currently one of the most exquisite jewels in the world because the pink diamond is 24.78 carats and has the finest rating. The perfect rectangular step cut is emphasized by the rounded corners. In order to look even more impressive, this pink diamond is set between two shield-shaped diamonds and mounted on a platinum ring.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry in the world, The Heart of the Ocean is also one of the most expensive. Harry Winston created this exquisite necklace as an original replica to the jewelry piece that featured in the movie Titanic. The real blue diamond has 15 carats and the necklace is priced at $20 million. In case your companion from London Escort Guide will have the eyes as blue as this diamond is, you will be the luckiest guy on earth.

Chopard’s Blue Diamond Ring is a piece that any woman would like to wear and touch at least once in her life. This incredible jewel features an oval-shaped blue diamond of 9 carats and the ring is valued at $16.26 million. Though all of these jewels are worth a fortune, having a beautiful damsel by your side is definitely priceless. Meet a tempting lady from London Escort Guide to keep you company in a lazy afternoon or travel all around together for an unforgettable adventure!

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